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6 Days Meditation tours Cairo and Luxor

6 days meditation tours Cairo and Luxor

The temples of ancient Egypt were placed strategically along the Nile to correspond with the major chakras of our energy system that exist along this “backbone”.

The journey from Aswan to Heliopolis will take you through these sites and can provide healing of the Chakra’s as we go, so flow with the spirit of the Nile.

Allow the Nile to flow through you and illuminate your heart and uplift your journey. Relax with the spirit of the Nile and its dynamic essence on board our private yacht

Arrive Cairo

Once your flight landing at Cairo Airport, our representative will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name, he will transfer you to your hotel in Cairo, be ready for your Cairo and Luxor Spiritual Tours, overnight in Cairo.

Day Tour to Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramid

Enjoy your tasty breakfast at your hotel, feast your eyes soul by visiting the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramid, our tour guide will escort you first to Dahshur, visit Red and Bent Pyramid belongs to King Sneferu, once you enter the resonance chambers the energies of the Red Pyramid will be activated, Lunch will be served at an oriental restaurant, continue visiting the step Pyramid of Sakkara, discover the healing energies of the ancient which is still active at Sakkara, Explore Unas Pyramid, it displays all the energy devices, Continue visiting the Serapeum, subterranean complex, it was an integral part of a huge energy device, View all the elements for yourself to truly fathom how it may have functioned, at the end of your tour back to your hotel in Cairo, overnight in Cairo

Tours to Karnak and Luxor Temples

our representative will pick you up from your hotel after enjoying the relish of your breakfast, he will escort you to Cairo domestic airport, fly to Luxor, pick you up from Luxor Airport, transfer to your hotel in Luxor, refresh, then start to visit the greatest highlights of Luxor, Karnak temple with its inconceivable pillars, it was constructed at the Greco Roman kingdom era, It is considering the largest temple in the world, it consists of 6 Temples, The temples of Karnak including ten edifices, six of which are on the east-west axis, and four on the north-south axis, have the chance to experience the magnificent energies of healing while walking through the seven doors of Sekhmet temple, then move towards Luxor Temple, it is connected to the third chakra, Luxor Temple was established by Amenhotep III, but Ramses II added the front part and completed the Temple, Luxor Temple describing the human body structure combined with the centers of its energy, Luxor Temple located in the middle of Luxor city and was connected to Karnak Temple by avenue of sphinxes at ancient time, at the end of your tour, transfer back to your hotel, overnight in Luxor.

Tours to Dendara and Abydos Temples

Enjoy your tasty breakfast at your hotel, then our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor, he will escort you to Seti I Temple (Known as Abydos Temle), it was constructed by the King Seti I, and completed by Ramses II, The Pharaohs believed that the god of underworld buried at Abydos Temple, Abydos Temple located in Sohag city around 135 km. from Luxor and connected with the heart Chakra, The best paintings for Pharaohs and Gods already on the walls of Osiris Temple at Abydos, then move towards Dendara Temple (The Temple of Hathor), Hathor was the God for Love and joy, Dendara Temple around 60 km. from Luxor, obverse Qena Town, it is matching to the heart chakra, Dendara Temple was constructed at the Roman period, it is considered the one of the latest Temples in Egypt, Dendara Temple decoration was combined with the Roman Emperor and the Egyptian Gods, At the end of your tour transfer to Luxor airport, catch your flight back to Cairo, meet & assist at Cairo domestic airport, transfer to hotel, overnight in Cairo

Meditation Tour at Pyramids of Giza

Enjoy your tasty breakfast at your hotel, today you will feast your soul while exploring Pyramids of Giza, Giza considered the front Chakra, move towards the great Pyramid of Cheops, Entrance inside the great pyramid of Cheops included, enjoy private meditation at the King Chamber of Cheops Pyramid, it is considered the Crown Chakra, continue visiting Chephren and Mykerinus, next stop will be to the Panorama area, enjoy fabulous photos for the three Pyramids, short camel ride with an extra fees available on request, your last stop will be at the mighty Sphinx, Lunch will be served at an oriental restaurant, Shopping available to buy souvenirs to your family and friends, at the end of your tour we will escort you back to your hotel in Cairo, overnight in Cairo.

Final departure

Today we will say goodbye to Egypt, once you enjoy your tasty breakfast our representative will escort you to Cairo International airport for final departure

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