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Unseen Tours To Egypt

Egypt Meditation Spiritual Package

Experience Meditation Holidays in Spiritual Journey to Egypt, in a unique Private Tour to discover secrets of the Ancient Egyptians.

Spiritual Egypt

The ancient Egyptians believed that The River Nile represented the backbone of the human body.

It has been truly believed in Ancient Egypt that The Mighty River Nile signified the backbone of the human body.

The temples of ancient Egypt were placed strategically along the Nile to correspond with the major chakras of our energy system that exist along this “backbone”.

The journey from Aswan to Heliopolis will take you through these sites and can provide healing of the Chakra’s as we go, so flow with the spirit of the Nile.

Allow the Nile to flow through you and illuminate your heart and uplift your journey. Relax with the spirit of the Nile and its dynamic essence on board our private yacht


Meditation, reconnection to ancient wisdom, reconnection to our ancestors, reconnection to the cosmos and the elementals, fun and laughter and friendship.

Try with the magnificent, spectacular Egyptian Yoga, as we experience the true meanings of Oneness and yet detaching, as we experience the excitement and yet challenge as we experience harmony and yet heal our discord, disproportion & disharmony.