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Tour and Cure

Tour & Cure itinerary of Egypt

Now you can receive treatment from hepatitis C in Egypt, and at the same time you will be enjoying all Egypt sightseeing, Egypt is the first country in the global cure rate and the number of patients treated, the Egyptian health ministry has invited well known international figures to visit Egypt.

Other medical tourism programs offered by the health ministry which includes treatment of (rheumatism – rheumatoid)
as well as of skin diseases such as eczema, patients can explore healing spots in Egypt such as natural hot springs of (Oyoun Moussa – Ras Sidr ) in Sinai, Siwa and Marsa Matrouh as well as the sulphuric wells and springs in wadi al-gadeed, and Aswan.

The hospital in Safaga on the red sea boasts a medical Centre specialized in the natural treatment 

As well as a full checkup for your body in the best hospitals in the world with cheaper prices than your own country but the same quality and the best world certificated doctors and devices ( as Salam international hospital – Ganzouri specialized hospital – dar al Fouad hospital – Arab contractors medical Centre )

Choose your own type of cure, make your plan up and leave the rest for us, contact us for the full itineraries tour in Egypt including your cure holiday, we would appreciate your time.