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Bird watching

Bird watching tours:

Egypt has a geographical position in the central of the earth that makes Egypt as a bridge between the countries of Europe, Asia , and Africa so this is the main reason why migrating birds are here in Egypt especially in Sinai.
In Egypt there are many places where you can enjoy with birds watching which .is:

in Giza zoo it’s an amazing place to watch birds especially during the migratory seasons’ many different kinds of songbirds may be encountered here. Among the breeding birds are Nile valley sunbirds and cattle Egrets.

Fayoum oases:
it situated around 110km south of Cairo it has been known as a hunting area and it’s one of the most important places to bird watching, it’s a rich land bird also the lake of Qarun is important as wintering area of grebes, ducks, coots , and shorebirds.

it’s situated as one of the most important routs of birds migratory. Thousands of birds may be seen passing overhead in their migration in spring and fall. The mudflats are frequented by migrating shorebirds of many varieties and the Suez bay various species of gulls and terns are often numerous.

Birds watching in Hurghada:
the red sea coast of Hurghada with its island  offers good opportunities for birdwatchers. Many of the islands are inhabited by sea birds such as (white-eyes-gull / white-cheeked tern) also many birds may be seen by the mainland coast.  

Ras Mohammed national park birds:
its an important place to watch white storks which pass in thousands in the fall, and herons and shorebirds are abundant beside osprey, gulls, terns, sooty and falcons nest.

St Catherine birds:
located in the middle of Sinai its famous not only for its monastery and the mount of ten commandments but also for many different species of desert birds such as hoopoe lark, bar-tailedesert lark, chucker and wheatear, mourning wheatear and sand partridge.