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Nowadays, city break travel has become one of the key drivers of outbound tourism growth in recent years so if you are not curious to see any sightseeing tours or you fancy to try new initiates to see the real element of Egypt destinations, including the deepest areas inside all cities to view and try the food, to get a look about each city traditions, it will be a new experience for you inside Egypt so tell us about your favorite destinations in Egypt & the quantity of days and leave the rest for us.

medical tourism programs offered by the health ministry which includes treatment of (rheumatism – rheumatoid) as well as of skin diseases such as eczema, patients can explore healing spots in Egypt, natural hot springs of (Oyoun Moussa – Ras Sidr ) in Sinai, Siwa and Marsa Matruh, sulphuric wells and springs in Wadi Al Gadeed, and Aswan.
Tour and Cure
Egypt has a geographical position in the central of the earth that makes Egypt as a bridge between the countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa so this is the main reason why migrating birds are here in Egypt especially in Sinai.
Bird watching