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Private Tour To Dendara and Abydos

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Private Tour To Dendara and Abydos

This private tour combines the best of Dendara and Abydos and showcases another side of Egypt. Explore the Temple of Hathor and venture into the home of “the Cult of Osiris” to see the site where ancient Egyptians made a sacred pilgrimage in historic times.


This private tour of Dendara and Abydos offers travelers a taste of both cities. Start things off at the Temple of Hathor, where two Roman fountains flank the entry gate to this incredible structure built as an homage to the goddess of love and pleasure. Learn from your guide how the mud-brick walls date back to the Roman era and explore the two birth houses, Coptic Basilica, sanitarium, and sacred lake on the grounds. Your guide will point out the additions made to the temple during the Greek, Ptolemy and Roman periods. From there journey to Abydos, where buildings surrounding Kom es-Sultan date back to Predynastic times. Learn about the Old Kingdom’s residential area as you wander the area with your expert Egyptologist and then make your way further into the city known as “The Cult of Osiris”—the god of the dead. Your guide will share local legends that say Orsis was buried here after he was murdered by his brother. Since this is a private tour, travelers are guaranteed individualized attention. Decide how much time to spend at each site to ensure your needs and interests are met!

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