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Egypt Travel Guidelines

How to travel to Egypt


Before you start your trip to Egypt you have to be sure of what you want out of your trip. Do you want a relaxation trip or do you want to see the monuments and get information about the history of Egypt?

When you know what you need, then you will know the right way.

First if you come for a relaxation trip in Egypt, you have to take this trip near the sea on the beach and the best place for this is the Red Sea in Hurghada or in sharm el sheikh Resorts


The best way to the Resorts of the Red Sea is the charter flight. This charter will not coast you more than a regular flight.

And if there is no charter flights from your country to Egypt then you have to take the regular flight to many cities in Egypt.

The charter flight from many towns in the world to LuxorHurghada, sharm el sheikh and Marsa Alam

The regular flights come to the same cities plus Cairo and if there is only a  flight to Cairo you can use a domestic flight to all the cities in Egypt.


There is another way to arrive to Egypt

There are many ports in Egypt either on the Mediterranean sea or on the red sea. The biggest is Alexandria.

On the Red Sea, there are Safaga port and Hurghada port. A lot of cruises arrive in Alexandria port and Safaga port and tourists in these cruises take one day in Alexandria and visit Cairo and from Safaga to visit Luxor.


And the third way to arrive in Egypt is by land.

There are many tourists who arrive in Egypt by land now from the eastern side of Israel by bus they will arrive in Sinai and then to Sharm el Sheikh.

And there is another way tourists use to arrive in or depart from Egypt: It is the Ferry Boat from Egypt to Jordon.  it doesn’t not take too much time and it takes you from or to Egypt and from the ferry you can use the bus to go verywhere in Egypt.

Then there are many ways you can use to come to Egypt and enjoy this beautiful country.

There are  thousands  of tourists who arrive in Egypt in a way and leave in another way.  some come by plane and leave by Ferry Boat to Jordon, some come by a cruise and spend their vacation in Egypt, after that they take the plane from an AirportsEgypt  has one in every major city like Cairo , Alexandria, Sharm el Sheikh , Aswan , Luxor , Sohag , Assuit  in Upper Egypt .

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